The Goods: Heritage-Inspired Wallcoverings

These wallpapers inspired by 18th-century and traditional textile patterns make playful additions to commercial spaces.

Photo credit: Farrow & Ball

The Purnon Papers | Farrow & Ball

Paint and wallpaper maker Farrow & Ball has launched a new collection of heritage wallpapers inspired by 18th century patterns uncovered during restorations of the historic Château de Purnon in France. The collection was created using traditional production methods such as roller block and flatbed printing with Farrow & Ball paint, to replicate the look and feel of the original papers.

The Purnon Papers reinterpret original designs in new scales, colours, and layouts for contemporary living and each pattern is named after a historical figure who lived at Château de Purnon. The collection features five patterns ranging from dainty florals to ornate damasks.

“When I first saw the original patterns, I was just blown away. They’re so beautiful and intricate that it’s astonishing to think they’d be tucked away and forgotten for all those years. It was like discovering a treasure trove that I couldn’t wait to share with the world,” said Farrow & Ball creative director, Charlotte Cosby. “We revised elements of the patterns like colour and scale, to make them feel as relevant to contemporary spaces today, as they were to the château a hundred years ago. From hotels to house boats, cafés to cottages, The Purnon Papers will always feel perfectly at home.”

Photo credit: FilzFelt

Mosaik | FilzFelt 

FilzFelt has launched Mosaik, developed in partnership with Artaic, which is an acoustic wall application that uses automation to customize and assemble sound-dampening mosaics. The patterns are created with two-inch individual square tiles that are designed to fit together for easy installation.

With both brands having a passion for sustainability, the Artaic team explored a solution for repurposing felt offcuts as a new product. The outcome was Mosaik, a customizable wall tile that combines the sound-softening of pure wool felt, the tradition of centuries-old mosaic craft, and the modern technology behind Artaic.

For this collection, FilzFelt has introduced five designs by Boston-based designer, Kelly Harris Smith, who was inspired by traditional textile patterns and the works of German textile artist, Anni Albers. Her collection features playful patterns that aim to put a contemporary twist on the ancient art of mosaics.

The designs include Checker, Gingham, Twill, Waffle and Weave, all of which are completely customizable. The collection is available as an acoustic solution for all commercial sectors, such as hospitality, healthcare, multifamily, retail, office, and more.