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Moose Knuckles


Yorkdale Shopping Centre, Canada’s busiest mall, has the highest sales per unit area of any mall in the country. It was a suitable venue for the flagship and first North American store for the Canadian maker of premium sportswear, such as puffer jackets and fur-lined parkas, footwear and bags. The 2,750-sq.-ft. store, located across from competitor Canada Goose, was, according to the Toronto Star, the costliest to build, per square foot, of Yorkdale’s approximately 250 stores. First-time shoppers may be excused for confusing the venue with a chichi art gallery, thanks to the wall and curved bulkheads clad in smooth, grey cold-rolled steel sheets. They look raw from the rolling mill, with the undulating rivulets of stain accruing along the edges during pickling, a step in the manufacturing process that removes surface scale. The slickness of the steel sheets complements the rustic flooring, whose uneven end-cut black locust block tiles emulate weathered cobblestones. The principal display fixture, a leather-wrapped raceway, hangs by hand-stitched leather straps from the blacked-out ceiling, which minimizes floor clutter. Mirrored glass vitrines display limited-edition items as if they were precious relics.






Photography: Ben Rahn/A-Frame


Glass: Accura Glass
Metal Cladding: Imran Steel
Flooring: Morruzzi; Sullivan Source
Lighting: Feelux; Juno Lighting
Custom Leather/Fur: Kai Leather
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