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2 Stage Pneumatic Bollard

Unique 2 stage automatic bollard with installation depth of only 17 inches.

The 2 stage pneumatic bollard, PA219/275-535SS, is a unique 2 stage automatic bollard designed for installations where automatic bollards are required but the embedment depth does not allow for conventional automatic bollards.

With an installation depth of only 17 inches (431mm) the PA219/275-535SS automatic bollard is the shallowest automatic embedded bollard available.

Bollard Diameter:  1st stage 275mm (11″), 2nd stage 220mm (8.6″)

Wall Thickness:  6mm (1/4″)

Height extended:  535mm (21″)

Depth Below Grade: 431mm (17″)

Driving Mode: Pneumatic

Rising Speed:  <20cm/s, 8in/s

Lowering Speed:  <20cm/s, 8in/s

Power Source:  AC 220V air pump (AC 110V optional)

Bollard Material:  316 Stainless Steel

Surface Treatment:  Polished

Working Frequency:  > 2,000 cycles per day

IP: IP67

Operating Temperature: -5 – 70℃,23 – 160F heating system is optional

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