2K1M Grooves Collection – Bench

2K1M Inc. is a furniture design firm founded in 2017 and delivers high-end furniture for the Hospitality & Residential sectors.

The Grooves Bench can be customizable in terms of width. ‎

The legs base made out of Oak, natural finish, and the seat is made out of MDF and finished in a High Gloss White Lacquer. ‎

The Grooves Collection characteristics are simplicity, clean and solid colours and surfaces with a touch of a natural finish of solid Oak or veneer. ‎

The straight lines, slight angles and v-grooves are the “Grooves” signature. ‎ It is a collection that will brighten your space and provide a light and airy feel, complimenting any modern room and creates a fun addition to your living space. ‎

The Grooves Collection can be customized in terms of sizes and finishes to suit your environment. ‎

The High Gloss lacquer finish provides a durable and clean surface and solid surface materials where applicable. ‎

Bench Finishes and Features:

Oak solid wood base, High-Gloss Lacquer Finish and/or solid surfaces as per the design. FSC Certified, Stain/Paint no-to-low VOC.