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2LOOK4 is a cutting-edge series of trimless systems designed for seamless architectural flow offering a variety of luminaires and integrations to provide consistent aesthetics and solutions for complex projects. The profiles can run across walls and ceilings, creating three-dimensional continuous lines of light emphasizing the geometry of the room and maintaining a minimalist, elegant look. The range includes visible slots of 20, 25, 50, 80, 130 or 160 mm, offering an incredible variety of architectural solutions. All channels use either track-mounted visible or hidden spots, which can be mounted on a 48V magnet track (MAGTRACK), a 120V track or with an easy lock PLUG-system. They ensure tool-free mounting or repositioning and offer architects amazing freedom. Revolutionizing technologies and miniaturization of the electronics allow very slim slots with DALI dimmable modules. The 2LOOK4 sharp edge minimizes the conspicuousness of the light source: light becomes key rather than the light fixture. The 2LOOK4 160 creates a smart combination of lighting with seamless BIONIQ light fittings. Additionally, non-lighting components can be integrated with the system, such as audio and air conditioning. 2LOOK4 is ultimate architectural flexibility coupled with seamless elegance and sophisticated technology. Manufactured in Austria by Prolicht.