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40x40mm Cap-Handrail & Fittings

Designed to suit handrails installations at all locations, interior or exterior, choose our 40x40mm Cap-Handrail & Fittings for achieving your construction goals. Check out our collection of handrail fittings for your construction and architectural projects.

Our high-quality fittings are perfect for square profiled handrails. With our amazing fittings such as elbow connectors, straight connectors, flange discs, end caps, etc., you can achieve a modern and sleek look for your handrails installed on balconies, porches, staircases, etc.

Our construction of handrails and fittings in Stainless Steel ensures durability and corrosion resistance for a long time. Our high-quality handrails and fittings are manufactured to match today’s demands of architects, contractors, and builders. The fittings are compatible with all FMF 42.4 MM cap handrail fitting products.