90º Glass to Glass Hinges

Select from our standard and heavy-duty glass-to-glass hinges to support your glass shower doors, ensuring the effortless movement of the door in or out based on your requirements. FMF Glass Hardware is here to offer the best glass-to-glass hinges for your shower enclosures.

For easy functioning of your shower door, choose FMF 90° Glass-to-Glass hinges. Available in two types – Heavy duty and standard, these hinges are perfect for 8 to 12MM tempered glass of your shower enclosures. They are made to support regular glass doors to heavier ones, based on your design specifications of the bathroom.

Their construction in Solid Brass enables the hinges to withstand the pressure for a long time, ensuring durability. They require minimal maintenance. With these hinges, the shower glass door can open 90 degrees in and out with a closed position at 15 degrees. Choose our glass-to-glass hinges for optimum performance of your shower door!