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90º Wall Mount Shower Door Hinges

Use FMF Wall Mount Shower Door Hinges in your project for easy movement and functioning of your glass shower doors. Constructed of Solid Brass, we ensure the long-term performance of our hinges with easy installation and maintenance.

Our industry-standard wall mount hinges are available in several finishes, such as Brushed Nickel, Chrome, and Matte Black to suit best your design specifications. We also carry a varied range of wall mount hinges, such as Heavy Duty, H-Plate, Bevelled, etc., and they are capable to meet your expectations of supporting glass shower doors.

Designed especially for shower glass doors of the bathroom area, these hinges allow you to create a door that opens and closes automatically at 90 degrees with self-centering at 15 degrees. FMF Glass Hardware chooses high-quality materials with the most exceptional product technology for producing hardware products.