Adjustable 180
Adjustable Wall Mount

Adjustable Shower Door Hinges

FMF Adjustable Shower Door Hinges are designed to provide flexibility to the hinges after the door is installed. Available in several types, our hinges are perfect to provide friction and support your shower doors.

Constructed of Solid Brass, our hinges ensure longevity and durability. Glass shower doors transform the look of your bathroom, and it is the most popular design nowadays. To support these glass shower doors, our glass-to-glass and wall-mount adjustable hinges are just what you need.

They allow the glass doors to open in or out at a 90-degree angle closing at 15 degrees. These hinges also offer an undisturbed look to your glass shower door with maximum visibility to your shower enclosures. The hinges are exceptional in design and function, with adjustable closing to 90 degrees.