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Antique Pool & Snooker Tables from Custom Billiards

We have noted a trend to more contemporary styles in recent years.  But we would love to start a renaissance for a more eclectic atmosphere to preserve the unmatched styles and workmanship and true art of the Billiard producers of antiquity.  

Yes, you can not be a full custom billiard service company without restoring classics old pool & Snooker Tables.

Samuel May , Burroughs & Watts and of course Brunswick are a few of the well known companies in North America with a history of producing some ageless masterpieces.

We have had the privilege of restoring many over our 40 years in the industry.

Have a look at some of the tables we have worked on.  We can care for your own heirloom that may need some TLC or full restoration or you can choose from some of the beautiful tables we have on inventory.

Antiques are not only an investment for the future but a preservation of the past.

Join the Renaissance Revolution!