Automatic Hydraulic Anti-Terrorism Bollards With Built-In Pump

To be classified as “K” rated the bollard must withstand impact from a 15,000 lb vehicle.

Available in K4 and K12 certified bollards, our K rated automatic bollards have been designed to ensure the highest level of defence. Current models are the result of over 40 years’ experience in the security field and in excess of 20 years in the specific design and manufacture of automatic bollards.

The K4 and K12 automatic bollards are recommended for use in any security sensitive site and have been tested worldwide in the most extreme conditions.

Model: Size – Description

K4A275-900SS: 10.8 / 35.5″ (275 / 900mm) – K4 Stainless Steel

K4FA75-900PC:  10.8 / 35.5″ (275 / 900mm) – K4 Powder Coated

K12A275-900SS:  10.8 / 35.5″ (275 / 900mm) – K12 Stainless Steel

K12A275-P00PC:  10.8 / 35.5″ (275 / 900mm) – K12 Powder coated


  • Certified PAS68:2013
  • Certified IWA14-1:2013
  • Certified ASTM M30/DOS K4
  • Certified ASTM M50/DOS K12
  • Certified DOS SD-STD-02.01 K12 L1

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