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Bolts and Screws

Our range of bolts and screws is designed to protect shower door installations. We are proud to stock an array of screws and bolts for a multitude of applications, including anchor bolts for standoffs and screws for spigots for railing installations.

We understand the importance of durability and safety around shower glass installations and railing systems. Bolts and screws are some of the most important components to safeguard these installations. Our standoff bolts and screws maintain the structural integrity of shower enclosures and railing systems. They are specifically designed to meet the requirements of our customers when it comes to securing the shower door area and railing systems.

Our screws come with a low thread design with minimum splitting or cracking of the screw boss. The shaft of FMF’s bolts is wider than the threaded part of the bolt, resulting in a shoulder that works as a pivot point. We also carry a variety of screws, such as the Hex Head Wood Tapping Screw and the Commercial Handle Screws.