Lighting Fixtures, Lamps & Shades

DICE  luminaires are ideal for all applications, from shops to restaurants and hotels to private rooms. CAVE version is trimless, while the 4DI version is fitted as a recessed spot. The characteristic DICE cube can be installed as a surfacemounted luminaire into either the ceiling or the wall.

DICE WALL  magically creates strong contours on the wall that can be combined to create patterns and light installations. All DICE versions are available in a range of sizes. All luminaires primarily use the latest generation 2700, 3000 or 4000 Kelvin COB LEDs.

Some can also be equipped with Retrofit LEDs as an energy saving alternative to halogen light sources. To ensure seamless integration into individual room designs, the DICE lamps and spots can be finished in one of 25 available colours on request.


Zaneen is an exclusive distributor of European designed and manufactured lighting products.

Founded by Robert Pietrobon in 1981, Zaneen is a second generation family owned and operated business. We offer an extensive range of innovative lighting to give designers the ease and ability to work with one company for a variety of specification types. Zaneen works with some of the most renowned lighting designers, architects, interior designers and engineers in North America.