Egan Lectern_ TecTern III
Egan Lectern_202 Mobile Instruction Centr
Egan Lectern_TecTern OVO
Egan Lectern_TecTern S2
Egan Lectern_TecTern TWO
Egan Lectern_TecTern
Egan Lectern_Wood Veneer ADA
Egan Lectern_Wood Veneer

Egan Lecterns

Egan offers a range of lecterns including TecTern Technology Lecterns, Mobile Instruction Lecterns, EganLecterns, Universal Access A.D.A Lecterns and OVO Lecterns.

Egan’s lecterns offer a range of customization options such as a custom logo program, A.D.A Lecterns, height adjustable options as well as AV capabilities. The TecTern lectern family may be specified with a built-in finger touch monitor allowing presenters to control their large-screen presentations, eliminating the need for a mouse, remote or keyboard.