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Egan Markerboards

A unique high-end collaboration solution that’s in perfect harmony with the flow and design of your workspace.

Whether standard, configured, custom, or bespoke presentation solutions, we have the surface to suit any professional environment’s specifications. Dream it, draw it, or display it – with Egan, you can specify from nearly endless frame and surface options to find functionality that is designed to suit your space. Egan offers a proprietary whiteboard surface: EVS, which out-performs Porcelain boards. EVS has a lower gloss compared to Porcelain, which means less glare and greater visibility from all angles. EVS surfaces allow your message to be seen clearly; from the front to the back room and all angles in between. EVS is the most resistant whiteboard surface to ghosting and stains. Egan guarantees the surface can be cleaned back to the original white for 10 years, the longest cleanability warranty in the industry.