Crosstown Workstation 2
Elkay Crosstown Workstation
Crosstown Workstation 1

Elkay Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks

The Crosstown® Workstation sink accommodates custom-sized
accessories that let you work directly over the sink, so you can go
from prep to cleaning up in seconds

Workstation Ledge
Slide accessories along the built-in ledge to
maximize your kitchen space and streamline
kitchen tasks. Accessories transform your sink
into your ideal workstation.
Go Deep For Less Mess
High-capacity, deep bowls offer more room
inside for stacking dishes, filling stockpots,
and handling large baking sheets and roasters.

Easy-to-clean Corners
Slightly rounded 15 mm corners are easy to
clean and add more space in the bowl.

16- or 18-gauge thickness Type 304 stainless steel
for lasting strength, performance and beauty