Evans Strategy Air

Evans Strategy Air supports remote server and blade technology as well as PC-based infrastructure.

Durability and design have come together with EVANS open concept console Strategy Air™. Designed for 24/7 lifetime use, the Strategy Air incorporates the latest in operator ergonomics, cable management, and technology integration while offering a fully scalable and flexible solution.
Strategy Air is the perfect solution for control rooms that utilize remote server technology. The innovative cable management system allows both the console and the operator to be free from IT infrastructure and unsightly cables. In addition to offering long-term durability, functionality, and a modern look and feel, Strategy Air has been ergonomically designed to enhance operators’ health and productivity in control room environments.

• User-centered design – customize your console
• Open concept aesthetics with improved layout flexibility
• Enhanced cable management with increased capacity
• Optimized frame design for faster installs
• Flexible CPU storage – under, side, remote