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Fabricoil® Blast Protection

Certified Blast & Projectile Protection Systems

These interior and exterior systems are designed and constructed to prevent loss of life and serious injury while still maintaining beautiful aesthetics along with transparency, views out and solar shading. Cascade Architectural’s fully tested, patented, and approved blast and projectile protection systems include Guardian Grade Fabricoil® wire fabric strategically positioned with engineered attachment hardware to catch and contain debris or projectiles in the event of an explosion or destructive high-wind event.

Guardian Grade Fabricoil® uniquely flexes in a ductile, predictive, and repeatable way to absorb the force of the blast or projectile, rather than transmitting this force into the structural building components where it can harm people and property. The system spreads forces to larger surface areas to harmlessly divert energy and hazardous debris away from personnel and critical structural systems.  Perfect for new construction or retrofits.  Made in USA.