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Stainless Steel Greenery Systems

Design Flexibility, Easy Specification, and Trouble-Free Installation

Our stainless steel greenery systems are created from specially designed elements of our I-SYS® and X-TEND® systems. They are quality engineered from AISI 316 and 304 stainless steel and manufactured in a facility certified to the stringent ISO 14001 Standard for Environmental Management Systems. 

Greening with I-SYS® Stainless Steel Wire Rope System – Special anchoring and support systems combined with I-SYS® Stainless Steel Wire Ropes and Hardware provide a limitless ability to design any shape or pattern you desire. A wide choice of spacers, clamps, and supports helps you optimize your design for environmental, building, and aesthetic requirements. The system is designed for installation into any surface, including EFIS and is robust enough for even the most vigorous climbing vines.

Greening with X-TEND® Stainless Steel Flexible Mesh System – X-TEND® Stainless Steel Flexible Mesh is the perfect material for large, vertical greening projects such as parking garages, mall facades, and urban greenways. It is strong, flexible and lightweight. It installs with a minimum of hardware and encourages strong vine growth. Its unique ability to accommodate 3-D shapes gives you amazing design flexibility. X-TEND® performs equally well on a flexible or rigid framework and offers extremely high load capacity. The result is a light, scalable, low-mass structure with greatly reduced material and installation costs.