Flooring goods by Beaulieu Canada

Beaulieu Canada is distributed across Canada and is a proudly Canadian brand.

Beaulieu Canada is a leading Canadian carpet manufacturer with over 65 years of experience in the manufacturing, distribution and sales of floor covering. In June 2018, Beaulieu Canada proudly joined Beaulieu International Group (B.I.G). B.I.G is one of the leading global industrial groups in the production of raw materials and engineered products, and in the supply of finished floor coverings.

Fresh approach to styling…
Beaulieu Canada continuously launches innovative products to meet the needs of the flooring market. Investing in research and development, building strong business relationships and a talented marketing and design team are what have assisted Beaulieu Canada in being positioned as a trend setter in the flooring industry; all of which is displayed with fresh merchandising, effective and versatile B2C samples and trendy color selections launched on a regular basis.

The right flooring…
The right flooring is having the right color selection and the right design of products in the right format for distributors and retailers; which is what Beaulieu Canada is known for. With investments in multiple market segments from residential and commercial to property management, Beaulieu Canada offers multiple flooring collections to satisfy various business segments. All products are tested, certified or inspected to ensure they surpass industry standards.

Conscious design…
Making a statement with our efforts to deliver more than a product offering is the beginning of our intentions to give more meaning to what we do. Conscious Design has the human at heart and goes beyond functionality. Out of all things, recognizing our employees, our creators and our essence is what truly matters. Bringing forward our aspirations to become more conscious of our surroundings, we truly hope that you will follow us on this journey. Being trend-focused and curious is what propels us to showcase the best of flooring.

Some facts about Beaulieu Canada

  • Headquarters in Acton Vale, Québec
  • We employ approximately 500 people
  • 1 Manufacturing plant located in Acton Vale, Qc
  • 3 Distribution Centre located in Acton Vale, QC |  Calgary, AB | Delta, BC
  • Beaulieu International Group boasts several locations in Europe and abroad
  • Beaulieu has over 15,000 employees worldwide