Lighting Fixtures, Lamps & Shades

Our iconic, ring-shaped light still amazes and inspires audiences throughout the globe. The pure and unadorned design of the body combined with the unmatched range of sizes make this product a timeless classic for many applications. Whether a highlight in a hospitality or gastronomy setting, or to enhance products in a retail outlet, or to homogeneously illuminate corporate office spaces, GLORIOUS always emits a sense of elegance and ambiance by its clear lines and wide color range.

To brand your light or to utilize it as wayfinding, IDENTITY effect can be added, whereby a logo or message is laser cut from the aluminum extrusion and backlit from the internal light.

GLORIOUS can be suspended, surface mounted, or recessed and is available in sizes ranging from 750 mm to 12000 mm (approximately 40 feet). It uses Zhaga standard dimmable LED technology with color temperatures 3000°K and 4000°K. To further charm up the light, 25 painted finishes are available.


Zaneen is an exclusive distributor of European designed and manufactured lighting products.

Founded by Robert Pietrobon in 1981, Zaneen is a second generation family owned and operated business. We offer an extensive range of innovative lighting to give designers the ease and ability to work with one company for a variety of specification types. Zaneen works with some of the most renowned lighting designers, architects, interior designers and engineers in North America.