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Hilo XL – Smart Mirror with Touch Screen and Virtual Assistant

Hilo XL Smart Connect Fitness Mirror with Touch Screen, Built-in Speakers and Subscription-free Workout Trainer Apps

Hilo XL is one of few smart mirrors to enable Smart Mirrors owners to download from +10000 Apps

Apart from a wall mirror Hilo XL is your workout trainer with absolutely no subscriptions, so you have any workout at your fingertip. From cardio, yoga, meditation or even boxing it is like having a personal trainer allowing the user to bring countries the best trainers at the comfort of your house vanity mirror.

Some Exclusive Features Of Our Smart Mirror Includes

21.5″ Large FHD Touch Screen With a total dimension of Height 31.5″ – Width 23.5″ – Depth 1.4.

2  Integrated Stereo Speakers, so you can set alarms listen music or watch a movie with loud and clear sound.

Motion Detectors turns on the smart mirror like a magic by detecting the movements.

♥ Your Smart Mirror comes with a one-year warranty. Extended protection plans are also available.

Hilo XL is Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB-ready to facilitate its connectivity. Fitbit Wearables and other fitness trackers, Kolibree Interactive, Electric Toothbrushes, Smart Scales and Kérastase Smart Hairbrushes are just some of many devices you can connect to Hilo Smart Mirror.

Screen Quality? FHD makes a world difference. Thanks to a high resolution, Hilo Smart Mirror renders a beautiful and vibrant picture.

Apps? Yes! The smart mirror is designed to work with all your favorite apps. Hang it on a wall to watch your shows, listen to music or some workout maybe.

Water Proof? Smart mirror is designed IP65 Ratings, That prevents the mirror from water and mist damage.

Speakers? Two Stereo High Fidelity Speakers Which Makes HILO Mirror The Ultimate Music Authority.

Microphone? The smart mirror allows you to make calls and is fully compatible with apps that require microphones or to use voice commands

If you like to know more, visit HILO Smart mirror Here