HVAC Design & Testing

Dara Bowser, the owner & principal consultant, is an Accredited Building Technologist  member of the Association of Architectural Technologists of Ontario (AATO).


We provide complete analysis & design services for new and existing buildings:

  • Heat Loss & Gain
  • Duct Design
  • Ventilation Design
  • Piping Design (Hydronic/Infloor)
  • Net Zero Design and Evaluation
  • EnerGuide for New Homes Rating
  • EnergyStar for New Homes Rating
Testing & Inspection
  • Code-Compliance Review
  • Air-flow testing and balancing
  • Combustion Spillage Testing
  • Depressurization Testing
  • Air-tightness testing (Blower Door/Infiltrometer)
  • Data-logging of the most environmental parameters
HVAC System Blueprinting
If the existing HVAC system just isn’t working right & “seat of the pants” adjustments aren’t working, the solution may be HVAC System Blueprinting . This is a process which is designed to bring the existing system up to its best possible operating capability and involves:
  • Calculating actual heating & cooling requirements for each room/zone.
  • Measuring the actual airflow and heating/cooling delivery to each room/zone.
  • Adjusting the system to deliver as closely as possible the correct amount of heating/cooling in each zone.

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