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Almost infinite lines of light: the highly flexible profile systems of the IDAHO family offer a huge creative scope for a range of lighting scenarios, combining light with architecture in a distinctive way. Be it IDAHO 20, 40, 75, 100 or 150 – all profiles are available in standard sizes or as configurable systems (except IDAHO 20) up to 3 meters in length per section. The huge variety makes it possible to provide customized solutions for all professional lighting technology and design requirements. The difference between the system versions lies in the profile width, making it possible to achieve a range of nuanced lighting effects. Installation options include trimless, recessed, surface-mounted and suspended. Shadow-free transitions between connections of the system sections and the corner constructions enhance this effect. The latest generation of Zhaga-compatible LEDs are used in all profile systems, yielding high light efficiency. Available in 4 color temperature: 2700°K, 3000°K, 3500°K and 4000°K. Micro-prismatic and opal diffusers offer even illumination. You can select 29 PROLICHT colors + anodized aluminum to ensure that the IDAHO family perfectly integrate into any color scheme. Manufactured in Austria by Prolicht.