Mirror L-channel


FMF Hardware presents J-Channels designed specifically for a sturdy and effortless mirror installation. Install our J-Channels with a low-profile design and enjoy the seamless and finished look of your mirror.

FMF J and L-Channels are made of aluminum to withstand heavy impact and provide maximum protection to the surface. They are designed for straight edges as the trim in these channels is fixed and does not bend.
Though they are sturdy in protection, our channels are lightweight to carry, easy to install and provide corrosion resistance. These channels are well-equipped to protect the edges of your mirrors. FMF provides J-Channel & L-Channels that are perfect for your mirror installations. Here’s why!
– Offers low-profile design to enjoy maximum glass exposure
– Available in 144” lengths
– Choose from various finishes that best fit your needs
– Can be used for 5mm – 6mm Mirrors