J Series Outdoor Gas Fireplace

Clean and Modern

There is nothing wrong with a classic. And the back-patio fire-pit is about as classic as you get. However, for those looking for a modern outdoor gas fireplace a few things must be considered:

Clean lines: this means no bulky trim or glass screens to get in your way.

Style: If you are looking for a corner style fireplace, the J Series has you covered.

Material: built to last in the elements, the J Series line of outdoor modern fireplaces are constructed out of thick gauge stainless steel.

In addition, the J Series outdoor fireplace is vent-free, which eliminates the need for venting and vent termination and offers greater flexibility for your outdoor patio design.

There’s nothing wrong with a classic. In many ways, the J Series outdoor fireplace is the new American classic.

J Series outdoor fireplace has a viewable opening of 62.5″ wide by 17.5″ tall.
Manufactured in the U.S.A.