Kitchen Appliances

Miele Project Division focuses on the needs of architects, interior designers and project developers. We are your partner in fitting luxury architecture and individual projects with premium built-in kitchen and laundry care appliances. Our design lines seamlessly integrate into any interior design, meeting your client’s functional and aesthetic requirements for every kitchen space. Our specialized team behind the Miele Project Division is dedicated to support you throughout the entire project.

Quality is perfection down to the very last detail − with this claim we are your partner in implementing high-quality architecture and individual projects. A specialised team is behind the term Miele Project Business which has set itself the target to accompany you throughout the entire process. Providing advice (e.g. in a Miele showroom), working out individual solutions, overseeing your projects right through to DELIVERING or organising training courses. In this context, being close to the customer, professional and dependable, is very important to us. Underline the high quality of your project with Miele appliances!