NEXGEN™ 5 Piece Door & Accessory Mouldings

The Olon 5 piece door program offers the best variety in colour and style. We currently offer over 80 different stock profiles, or create your own, available in a selection of over 220 stock colour and finish options.  A complete accessory moulding program is available to perfectly complement your cabinetry.

Olon’s unique trademarked laminate process, NEXGEN™, uses TFL (Melamine) and HPL décor paper saturated with specialty resins that allow the laminate to be very flexible while maintaining the colour as well as the heat & wear resistance of TFL. This formulation allows Olon to provide a pre-finished product with synergistic products to the woodworking industry with the following features:
• Perfect match with no discoloration or fading over time
• Extremely low emissions
• Antimicrobial protection, resistance against bacterial growth on the surface
• Surface performance comparable to TFL & Vertical Grade HPL
• Delamination resistant in high heat environments
• Outperforms vinyl, foils and topcoated papers

The colours and finishes of NEXGEN™ laminates make it nearly impossible to differentiate from real wood.  NOW AVAILABLE – in 15 stock finishes.  Several finishes offer a modern wood grain appearance.  Stile & rail construction with perpendicular grain direction perfectly resembles a wood door.

Olon surface laminates allow for perfect colour matching and fade-resistance years after the original cabinetry is installed.  Whether you want to add more cabinetry or simply replace a door, any new addition will be a perfect match to the original.

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