RitaWongPhotography_Framed Metal Prints-Sahara
RitaWongPhotography_Frameless Metal Prints-Office
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RitaWongPhotography_Flushmount Prints-Reception
RitaWongPhotography_Acrylic and Metal Prints
RitaWongPhotography_Framed Metal Print
RitaWongPhotography_Framed Paper Prints
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Photographic Art

Modern photographic art prints for residential and commercial interiors.

Specializing in fine art photography for residential and commercial interiors, with themes ranging from nature and travel to architecture and abstracts. Provides fine art photography that conveys a sense of peace and zen, while portraying visual poetry from the world. Minimalistic images created to enable reflection and a deeper appreciation of beauty. Gentle colour palettes convey a dreamy mood – bringing calmness, reminiscing fond memories, and inspiring personal ambitions. Photographs that facilitate visual meditation, encourage viewers to recognize the visual harmony that surround us, see beauty in the ordinary, and dream of unlimited possibilities.

Whether you are looking for large pieces of artwork for an interior’s feature wall or small pieces to fill narrow spaces, artwork can be customized to suit a range of sizes.

Print medium vary from paper, canvas, and wood to metal and acrylic panels. Inset into a simple wood frame for a modern look or frameless, float-mounted to suit contemporary decor styles.

Also offers art and travel photo books suitable for home or office coffee tables.

Additional services include Architectural Photography (Exterior) and Architectural Photography (Interior).