Print Series: Silver Birch

When you desire the aesthetics of wood – but the strength of metal, Agway’s new Silver Birch delivers exactly what you need.

You’ll be amazed at the visual authenticity of wood emulated by Agway’s Silver Birch prefinished metal products. While they deliver the authentic warmth, appearance and visual beauty of natural wood, they offer many superior benefits to the real thing, including significant savings in cost and weight, and extended longevity in outdoor applications. Silver Birch also reduces installation costs and virtually eliminates the requirement for maintenance.

Silver Birch: What Makes it Unique!

  • Superior color consistency
  • Virtually eliminates the requirement for maintenance versus exposed wood, which requires repeated resealing or coating
  • Resistant to oxidation, staining, and fingerprinting common with exotic metals
  • All-season performance makes it suitable for installation in any climate

Silver Birch: More Efficient – More Cost Effective!

  • Cost effective alternative to exotic metals
  • Is easy to clean and virtually maintenance-free

Silver Birch: Coil Availability

  • 24 Gauge
  • 22 Gauge