RHEINZINK is the world’s leading brand of architectural-zinc cladding for building applications. A zinc/titanium alloy, RHEINZINK weathers naturally and displays a beautiful bluegray patina.

RHEINZINK® is the world’s leading brand of architectural-zinc for building applications. Generally known as “titanium-zinc”, RHEINZINK is a natural-weathering metal that forms a blue gray patina after repeated exposure to moisture and air.

Combining 99% super high-grade zinc with approximately 1% titanium and copper, the RHEINZINK alloy can help provide long-term solutions for roofs, wall cladding and gutters.

The engineered zinc-alloy also helps designers provide a natural gray colour compliment or contrast to brick, concrete/CMU slate, stone or wood while achieving a long service life.

RHEINZINK is a monolithic metal that is low-maintenance, malleable, and has no colour coating. For almost 300 years, zinc has been used by European designers and sheet-metal craftsman to create structures that endure.

Since 1993, RHEINZINK has been used in North America on college and corporate campuses, libraries, cultural centers, and residential projects. RHEINZINK is recognized as a low environmental impact metal of choice that is both beautiful and cost-effective.