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Shower Door Headers

What’s the most important factor while installing glass panels in a bathroom? Safety! Yes, FMF Hardware header kits are made for just that. From providing additional support to a level of safety for securing glass panels, FMF has got you covered.

Our header kits are manufactured in a way that they maintain a low profile and do not hinder the appealing look of your shower area.
We want to ensure you have everything you need for securing the installation of your shower door in the bathroom. Hence, our Deluxe shower door header kit is equipped with all essential components required to cover and install your glass enclosure. Our shower header kits have a round and flat profile to make your shower look exceptional.
Our FMF Deluxe Shower Door Header Kit consists of:
– 98” Shower Door Header Bar
– 32” Snap-In Pocket Filler for Shower Door
– 1 Length of Clear Glazing Gasket
– 2 Wall mounting Brackets