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SIGN DIVA is the next generation of the disc series, SIGN. The new design has a lower profile with a variety of mounting systems and optics. The super-slimline construction of the luminary at only 37 mm (or 51 mm for the KORONA version) is achieved through the use of special LED boards that were developed in-house. SIGN DIVA can be suspended with either a central cable or a central rod system called the SIGN DIVA TUBE. SIGN DIVA offers two new diffuser options: SPARKLING SECRET (SPS) and VINTAGE INDUSTRIAL (VI), in addition to the existing opal and micro prismatic glare-free covers. SPS enhances the sparkling effect of the LED’s; VI is a clear honeycomb prismatic diffuser that creates a unique light effect based on the angle of sight. For color play, KORONA EFFECT is available in two versions: inner FRAME in 25 painted colors and SHINE which is a translucent plexi ring available in 6 colors (white, yellow, orange, red, blue, and green). The AURA effect is the indirect light option which offers the same 6 color options. The body of the fixture is constructed of aluminum and available in 29 colors.