Adjustable sleeve over clamp
Left Side Sleeve clamp
Right Side Sleeve clamp

Sleeve Over Glass Clamp

FMF sleeve-over glass clamps are designed to offer a fastener that helps cover the stress placed on the glass panels. The glass of your shower does not need any fabrication. Our sleeve-over glass clamps are perfect to protect your shower glass doors from any pressure.

Our sleeve-over glass clamps act as mechanical enclosures that are equipped to protect the glass panels from shear stresses. Our shower door glass clamps are also useful to keep the glass panels in one place while the silicone sealant in the joint cures to prevent water leakage, adjoining the glass panels together.
FMF sleeve over glass clamps also offers great benefits to your shower panels, such as:
– Stabilize your glass shower corners efficiently
– Give a pleasant look to shower panels
– Easy to install
With their elegant and sleek look, they are perfect for your shower doors. Our sleeve-over clamps is sturdy enough to support your shower panels for a long time!