Square 40-20-1
Square 40-20-2
Square 40-20-3

Square 40x20mm Handrail and Fittings

FMF Square 40x20mm Handrail and Fittings are perfect for the construction of internal and external handrails and railings. The straight connectors, handrails, and caps are essential fittings designed to work effortlessly together.

Our square 40x20mm handrails and fittings are constructed of Stainless Steel and are compatible with all FMF rectangle handrail fittings products. Square handrails present an exclusive design concept with sharp corners and lines that creates a clean square shape. It is a sophisticated appearance within our beautiful square-form handrails.

With quick and easy installation, our square handrails and fittings are manufactured in a way that the design and functionality of the products go hand in hand. FMF Glass Hardware has all the products you need to accomplish your architectural projects involving railings installations in commercial or residential spaces.