Stance Healthcare Recliners

Patient Recliners

The Onward Recliner is designed to meet the demands of increasingly smaller patient and resident rooms. This new addition to the Onward Collection features a 22” seat width, narrower than a traditional recliner. Thus it combines the qualities of a typical highback patient chair with a healthcare-grade recliner.

Verity Recliner offers healthcare-grade durability and exudes an inviting, homelike aesthetic that brings residential warmth to clinical environments.

The Oasis Recliner is designed for the demands of the 24/7 healthcare environment, the comfort of the patient and the caregiver’s ease of use. Whether it serves as a treatment recliner or as patient room seating, the Oasis Recliner is fully loaded with useful features.

Carson Recliner provides a clean, modern aesthetic and is thoughtfully designed for demanding healthcare environments including triage areas, infusion treatment spaces and patient rooms. Carson offers a high level of comfort for the patient, and great ease-of-use for the caregiver or family member.