Stuv Woodburning Fireplaces

Since its inception, Stûv has proposed a unique contemporary vision of auxiliary heating with its woodburning fireplace line designed in Belgium and adapted for North America.

Find your perfect woodburning fireplace or stove with Stuv. 

Stuv Single Face and See Through Fireplaces

A streamlined, minimalist design allows the 21 Series by Stuv a level of versatility not often available in woodburning fireplace design. Offering six different size options, this collection begins with the 21/65H which presents a classic, square firebox shape, while the rest of the series stretches fire viewing into more linear configurations. These highly efficient, single-sided woodburning fireplaces feature a frameless, retractable guillotine glass door system that is visually expansive and will not obstruct your fire viewing, regardless of its position. The 21 Series can burn with the glass closed or partially raised, without compromising efficiency.

A unique counter-weight system makes raising the door for loading simple and safe, and once closed you will enjoy a 77% heat efficiency rating. The door also tilts forward and open, enabling easy cleaning and access to mechanical components for servicing.

Stuv has also eliminated the obtrusive louvered convection air system typically located above and below the fire viewing area in traditional woodburning fireplaces. Instead, the 21 Series requires only four 6” convection grills (two for air intake and two for heat output) that can be installed either on the front or sides of the fireplace structure. They can be painted to match your fireplace surround, and serve to amplify the natural radiant heat production. Heat can be moved further throughout your space by installing additional convection grills.

  • Designed to burn efficiently with frameless glass door closed or partially raised

  • Guillotine glass door system that can slide upwards to disappear behind the wall, and tilts forward for easy-access cleaning

  • Requires only four 6” convection grills for air intake/heat output 

Stuv Cube and Compact Stoves 

The Stûv 16 wood stoves stand out for their perfectly balanced straight lines that showcase the beauty of the flames.

  • EPA certified
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Hinged door 

Stûv 30 wood stoves offer three operating modes: open fire, closed fire with glass door and closed fire with solid door. Their refined curves provide a constant view of the flames and the combustion techniques used guarantee high efficiency.

  • EPA Certified
  • 3 doors – 3 modes of operation 
  • 360-degree rotation