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X-TEND® Colors

Weatherproof and durable, X-TEND® Colors is available in standard colors of red, white, gold and black with any RAL color available upon request. Like the original, X-TEND® Colors is perfect for interior and exterior applications such as hand railings, safety barriers, enclosures, trellis systems and green walls.

Before the production of the cable mesh, the individual cables are covered with a decorative polymer layer using a special coating process and cured under temperature. It is a durable, weather and corrosion resistant solution equivalent to a powder coating. Due to the material properties, the ferrules are not coated. In addition to the standard natural stainless steel color, ferrules are also available in black. X-TEND® Colors is available in cable diameters 1.5mm, 2.0mm and 3.0mm. Our standard colors are red, white, gold and black, but any RAL color can be produced upon request.