D, Bernstadt, Fußgängerbrücke (12)-1
D, Ludwigsburg, Blühendes Barock (5)-1
D, München, Hotel Alpina (7)
TR, Expo Antalya  (4)
NL, Doorn, Aussichtsturm (6)
Underground Dog Park4
D, Fürstenfeldbruck, HLP (2)
AT, Großglocker Hochalpenstrasse Hochtor Aussichtsplattform (1)
D, München (22)


X-TEND® CXS Cut To Fit Cable Mesh Railing Infill is easily field-sized and can be installed on any guardrail system.

X-TEND® CXS is 100% AISI 316 stainless steel, 1.5mm ø cable with available aperture sizes from 35mm-180mm. It offers simplified field installation and adjustment. The mesh is easily field-sized and comes with everything you need for a fast and easy field installation. Exact field measurements are not required. Code compliant and climb resistant options are available. We offer fast delivery times on all net sizes with a quick ship program for stocked handrail heights of 30.5”to 33” and 37.5” to 41”.