November/December 2015

Give Awesomely!

This year, don’t give ugly Christmas sweaters, or a fruitcake. They’re not funny, and no one wants them. Instead, give good design to those on your list. And…

A Light Show of Ordered Chaos

Jean de Lessard generates an appropriately informal, seemingly anarchic vibe for a company enmeshed in the helter-skelter of night time crowds.

Look. Look again. And again.

Forward-thinking companies look beyond the walls as just places to hang investments masquerading as art. Instead, they use it as a canvass to energize a…

The Name Game

A change of command entails a complete rebrand that sees Toronto’s RCA becomes Ray.

Roaring into its Twenties

It may only be 20 years, but it feels like Maison+Objet has been around forever. That permanence is a testament to the ongoing yet evolving validity of this…

The art of making an entrance

“Suspended artwork can occupy an environment without imposing itself on it,” explains the ceramicist. “Through composition, one can create a sense of lightness…

Zones of Immersion

One of the largest permanent public art projects in Toronto, Stuart Reid portrays in glass the people who “ride the rocket” every day.