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INDEX Design Master Classes 2018

December 06 - April 11, 2018

Index-Design will kick off its fifth season of Master Classes. The new series, presented by CiotHaworthSub-Zero & Wolf and W Montréal, will feature Désormeaux/Carrette (presented by Maison & Objet), XTU ArchitectesZaha Hadid Architects and Scott & Scott.

The new season of Master Classes will take place at the W Hotel Montreal, and will stay true to their mission of inspiring design and architecture professionals by bringing them together with world-class creators. Each session is a talk followed by a question period, giving participants the opportunity to connect and engage with other members of Quebec’s creative community.

The guest speakers for the 2018 Master Classes* are:

December 6, 2017: Maison & Objet presents

Studio Désormeaux/Carrette is a design firm founded in 2014 by Nathanaël Désormeaux and Damien Carrette. The studio designs new creations in which the object is the star and a container for living spaces. The studio’s creations range from furnishings to consumer items. It is first and foremost an industrial design firm whose work is always intended to be amenable to mass production. At the heart of the studio’s creative approach is the intersection of two worlds: the passion for materials, and sensitivity to the object’s story. The studio aims to deconstruct the object to find the best methods, techniques and materials with which to reconstitute it in an authentic and innovative manner.

January 31, 2018: XTU Architectes 

XTU is an architecture and urban design firm founded by Nicolas Desmazières and Anouk Legendre. The firm takes a fiercely innovative approach to cities and living spaces, inspired by the strategies and processes of living organisms. Since opening in 2000, the agency has completed numerous innovative and award-winning projects, characterized by their strong presence in the landscape. The firm’s architectural approach is focused on the expression of sculptural forms that echo their urban and landscape setting. The context is fundamental: it generates the shape in its purest form, inspired by abstract and overtly futuristic sculptors.

March 14, 2018: Reda Kessanti of Zaha Hadid  

An urban architect by training, Reda Kessanti has extensive experience in Western and Eastern Europe, Algeria and Morocco, where he has worked on major projects including housing developments, government complexes, living spaces, public venues, tourism facilities and educational spaces. Now based in London, Reda Kessanti works regularly with Zaha Hadid Architects on a variety of international projects.

His work in BIM (Building Information Modelling) allows him to stay on top of his field through presentations and academic lectures, particularly on the use and impact of new technologies in the architectural profession.

April 11, 2018: ​Scott & Scott 

Susan and David Scott founded their architecture and design firm in 2012, after working for major West Coast architectural firms for 12 years. They apply their expertise to a wide range of major projects, particularly contemporary public buildings and private residences. Several of their projects have been recognized by international publications and awards. Their vision: to be personally involved in every aspect of design and construction. They approach each project with the goal of creating the most effective possible design and construction process and delivering a high-quality finished product.

Practical details

A season ticket to the four master classes costs $199 and will be on sale until this December 6. Single tickets cost $59 during the presale period; the regular price is $99. A group rate of $499 is available with the purchase of 10 tickets.

For more information about the Master Classes and to reserve tickets, visit our website for the series.

The Master Classes are an initiative of Index-Design, presented by CiotHaworthSub-Zero & Wolf and W Montréal, in partnership with Maison & ObjetMP Reprov2com and Weezevent.

* The Scott & Scott presentation will be given in English, without an interpreter. Other presentations will be given in French.

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