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“Save a Sample!” comes to Canada

Calling all designers – dust off those unused samples, it’s time to recycle. Save A Sample’s! annual industry recycling drive is coming to Canada.

Save A Sample!, a non-profit recycling drive, makes it easy for designers to donate materials and samples to local design students. Save A Sample! takes place each year throughout the USA, saving “tons” of materials from landfill. This year Save A Sample! expands its sustainable mission to Canada.

“We’re going global. This fall, Canadian designers will have the opportunity to donate their materials to design schools and their students,” says Suzanne Swift, Save A Sample!’s founder and president of, the industry’s first web portal for design industry information and the home of Virtual Library, a Best of NeoCon GOLD award winner.

The event, sponsored by and Platinum joint sponsors Arborite and Wilsonart, will take place from September 27-28, 2016 in three Canadian cities. Designers donate their unneeded materials to local design schools, giving students a professional set of resources to work with, and in turn, keeping tons of materials out of landfill.

“Arborite and Wilsonart, as companies on the cutting edge of design, are constantly producing fresh collections and sending out new samples,” says Teresa Gentile, marketing director at Arborite. “Through Save a Sample!, we are able to ensure that outdated materials go to a good home, exposing design students to these fantastic products as well as reducing waste and unused material.”

“Save a Sample! cleverly finds desirable dwellings for our unwanted extra finish samples, makes us happily go through and pack up our library clutter while feeling good about providing inspirational material for the next generation of designers. It’s a win-win for all,” says Yasaman Hoorazar, a designer from IA.

Save A Sample! 2016 will take place in three design markets: Montreal, Quebec and Vancouver. Design firm sign up begins this month. To learn more about Save A Sample!, visit

Photo courtesy of Spec Simple

Photo courtesy of Spec Simple

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3 Comments » for “Save a Sample!” comes to Canada
  1. Bev Moroz says:

    Hi “Save a Sample” Canada organizers

    Toronto… a massive market of interior designers that could provide plenty to your worthy cause.

    Seems very strange that it was not included in your programme.

    Just say’in……………

    • Melissa Tossell says:

      I totally agree Bev- Why was the BIGGEST single location of Interior Design firms in Canada overlooked for this project (I think in design school they said 70% of all Interior Design firms are in Toronto)? A bit flabbergasted over this.

  2. Tamara Dvorsky says:

    Various interior design firms in Toronto have done this for years in an informal manner. To be successful it requires organization from the schools to find space for storage and a way to make it available to the students. And that is additional dedicated library space, with someone to run it in the school.

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