Episode 12 – The Designer & Product Rep Relationship w/ George Foussias

Architects and interior designers specify thousands of architectural and interior products, building materials and related goods, representing billions of dollars in sales. But how these goods and products register on the radar of creative professionals and ultimately get specified is a major part of the industry that rarely gets discussed. Design firms have both formal and informal procedures when working with product industry representatives, and like everything else these days, things are changing due to a combination of both internal and external forces.

In this episode of Bevel we sit down with George Foussias, Design Director of Interior Design at Lemay and unpack the evolving relationships between design leaders and product representatives and explore best practices for developing mutually beneficial ones. Additionally, we address industry changes when it comes to supply chain management and how firms are working with industry partners to adjust; building a community in the face of an increasingly automated transactional setting; and we touch on the topic of a “materials library” and its viability moving forward when looked at through the lens of environmental sustainability and this post-COVID trend of ditching office space.

As design director for the Toronto studio of Lemay, George draws on over 20 years of local and international experience to promote design excellence. His extensive knowledge and drive are reflected in the over 30 international design awards he has earned for is thoughtful, dynamic and engaging design solutions for the residential, entertainment and hospitality markets.