Episode 23 – Emerging Tech Meets Design

Chatter is exploding about advancements in AI. Every industry is sitting up and taking notice, including, of course, the A&D industry. These creatives are intrigued not only by how AI can help design teams by not only reducing overall project lead times, but also expanding creative discovery by memorizing insights from thousands, if not millions, of previous project data.

Software such as DALL-E 2, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion are seen as tools to speed up sketching and other ideation processes, producing a plethora of renderings for comparison and further development.

Advocates praise how AI-enhanced technologies will simplify many routine office and design tasks, replacing current software products and freeing designers to concentrate on other aspects of their business. Yet there are critics urging caution, as debates are emerging around what, if any, regulatory interventions governments should take to protect from potential fraudulence and exploitation.

In this episode of Bevel we hear from Andrew Lane, co-founder of digby; George Foussias, Creative Director of mood.designlab; and Mark Cichy, Director of Design Technology at HOK, who gathered for the latest INSight session hosted by Canadian Interiors and Black Bread + Jam to explore issues that range from hopeful to concerning, and delve into compelling, real-world examples of how creative industries are already leveraging these emerging technologies and what they mean for the future.