Episode 4 – Design Education w/ Anna Stranks

Design is interdisciplinary by nature, therefore it is no surprise that design education is similar and provides a variety of platforms for students to learn different knowledge and skills from, and then apply those skills to solve design problems.

That said, anyone watching the state of education can see that it is evolving at a rapid pace. Today’s parameters are much less defined and what is expected from both students and teachers is being re-evaluated.

While today’s classrooms are undoubtedly molding the design workforce of the future, the question exists: is that workforce evolving alongside the corporate world? Or put another way, are modern graduates prepared for what is expected within the professional design world? Is the curricula of design education aligned with what the industry is looking for?

In this episode of Bevel, we chat with Anna Stranks about these topics. Anna is both principal of her firm STUDIO A Design Collaborative and an instructor of Interior Design in the Faculty of Applied Sciences and Technology at Humber College in Toronto.