Bevel is a place where we step away from the photographs and talk with industry leaders and thinkers about interesting ideas and issues facing the design world today.

About the Presenter

Peter Sobchak has been examining and discussing topics related to design, architecture and real estate development in Canada through various mediums for 20 years. He is Editor in Chief of Canadian Interiors and Building magazines; his writing has appeared in publications in England, Germany, the Netherlands, China and elsewhere; his work has won several National Magazine Awards; and he has guest lectured at various post-secondary institutions in locations such as Torino, Warsaw and Toronto on topics related to design in the media. Beyond the realm of publishing, he was also the host, writer and producer of Building Toronto, a limited-run television series which aired on Rogers TV, and is currently hosting and producing the podcast series Bevel: Canadian Interiors Conversations, which is available on a variety of streaming platforms including Spotify and Apple Podcasts.


Episode 5 – Architecture Theses on Film

What role does film play in shaping experimentation in architecture? How can film be used to document and archive different projects in the context of architecture school? Can film be used to make an architectural argument? From…

Episode 4 – Design Education w/ Anna Stranks

Design is interdisciplinary by nature, therefore it is no surprise that design education is similar and provides a variety of platforms for students to learn different knowledge and skills from, and then apply those skills to solve design…