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Us & Coutumes unveils B3 storage bench customization options

Photo credit: Jean-Sébastien Dénommé

Photo credit: Jean-Sébastien Dénommé

Us & Coutumes, a designer and manufacturer of handmade furniture and accessories for urban living, continues to innovate within its niche of products tailored to living spaces measuring 1,000 square feet or less. With the addition of new configurations and web-based customization, the Montreal-based company has established a new benchmark with its flexibly-designed B3 storage bench.

“Traditionally, furniture and accessories have been designed for larger spaces, and trying to adapt them to the realities of smaller urban living often results in something far less elegant,” says Vincent Cloutier, industrial designer and co-founder of Us & Coutumes, along with Jean Darveau. “From conception, our products are designed specifically to fit into smaller spaces, with ideal proportions that eliminate the need for compromise.”

With the addition of new materials and customization options for its B3 bench, Us & Coutumes is enabling its popular urban living design to be adapted to new spaces. Originally conceived as an entryway unit, the B3 has evolved into a storage bench and is now available in four standard sizes to accommodate a variety of configurations, including multi-level shelving. Us & Coutumes’ B3 customization options also extend to colours, finishes and materials ranging from Baltic plywood construction to a new high end model featuring 100 per cent solid walnut legs. With its light and sleek design, the easily movable B3 storage bench can serve many different purposes as a TV stand, a bedroom end table or even an extra seat for unexpected guests.

Photo credit: Jean-Sébastien Dénommé

Photo credit: Jean-Sébastien Dénommé

“With trends leaning towards small entryways in urban condos, we wanted to create a product that was light in terms of visuals, but well-designed in order to last in your living space,” explains Cloutier. “Essentially, we wanted to develop something that we would purchase ourselves.”

From adjustable bookstands to iPad and iPhone accessories, wall-mounted key holders and much more, Us & Coutumes distinguishes itself by providing its customers with the flexibility to configure a variety of products to their own environments. Using the company’s new B3 storage bench configuration tool, found on its website at, customers can design their own B3 visually by choosing the size, colour and configuration that is best suited to their living space. Once complete, customers can purchase their self-tailored product directly online. The lightweight, easily assembled B3 storage bench ships in flat packaging that can be delivered anywhere in the Canadian, U.S. and international markets.

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