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Aspera Recycling and The Rosedale Group join forces to keep waste carpet out of Canadian landfill

Aspera Recycling and The Rosedale Group are collaborating to offer waste carpet diversion and recycling services for the independent flooring dealer network in Canada.

Aspera is a waste diversion and carpet recycling company offering recycling services to a variety of market segments while Rosedale has long been a logistics provider to the flooring industry. Joining forces, these two companies are presenting a viable carpet recovery and recycling solution to the market.

“More than 500 million pounds of waste carpet go to landfill every year in Canada,” says Richard White, president of Aspera, “And because carpet is made of plastic, it will sit there for generations to come. Best estimates are that carpet represents between 3-4 per cent of landfill volume, and that is an enormous problem.”

Aspera and Rosedale will offer a collection and diversion service to the flooring dealers unlike any other offered in Canada. All of the collection models being offered will provide an economically compelling advantage over current landfill and waste

costs while providing the dealers with a strong marketing opportunity to the environmentally conscious customer. The partners will focus on a pilot program in the Ontario market for the first four months of 2012 prior to rolling the program out to other regions of the Canadian market.

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  1. Jane Marie Mitchell says:

    So, I live in Stratford, Ontario and I have a carpet to recycle. I am having a difficult time finding a place to drop off my carpet for this purpose. Recycling is important to me, so I do not want to take it to the landfill. Could my underpad also have been collected for recycling. I have been looking on the internet and finding a place in Ontario to recycle carpets is not an easy thing to discover. If you can’t help me, are you aware of another source that I could try? Thanks for your help and please expand your service.

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