Iconic Innovation: Casa Piccola

This private oasis, designed by NEO Architecture Inc., challenges conventional norms and serves as a space for rest and relaxation.

Photo credit: Riley Snelling

This pool house in Ontario challenges conventional norms, relies on creativity and embraces the limits set by local legislation.

Due to its cliffside location, the site offered no space for expansion at the rear. As a result, NEO Architecture Inc., along with the clients, saw this as an opportunity to explore the outer boundaries of what could be achieved in this town adjacent to the bustling metropolis that is Toronto.

Photo credit: Riley Snelling

Typically serving as an entry and transition space, the front yard here transcends its traditional role, evolving into a haven of leisure and tranquility. Casa Piccola not only occupies the front yard but transforms it into its private oasis.

By strategically placing the pool house and pool at the front, the architectural design becomes a testament to functionality. The glass facade overlooking the pool provides necessary transitions between the interior and exterior, establishing a connection to the surrounding landscape. Simultaneously, the concrete wall adds a grounded permanence, offering the needed privacy for leisure by the water.

The realization of this vision required adept navigation of building codes and permit requirements, common constraints in projects of this nature. Challenging the status quo led to a design that goes beyond limitations and resulted in an iconic project.