A pair of Foscarini standouts – Allegro and Mite – go LED

Foscarini has had great success this year with its growing LED collection. Facing a lack of satisfactory standardized solutions for its diverse collection of designs, the venerable Italian company started  producing its own LED bulbs and systems. One standout piece is Lightwing by Jean Marie Massaud.

Foscarini continues to go back in its history and release LED versions of its most popular lamps. Allegro and Mite, both out this December, are the latest examples. Originally designed by Atelier Oï and Marc Sadler, respectively, the LED versions bring interesting new design features to the lamps.


Allegro LED is a group of lamps creating an elegant, accenting symphony in a suspended, almost magical equilibrium. Aluminum elements flow and combine together to give the suspension a light, bodiless affect with a mobile nature. Now enhanced with LED technology, Allegro is ideal for creating a visual, focal point in any environment.


LED technology has been interpreted and applied to Marc Sadler’s standout design and Compasso d’oro 2001 winner Mite. The lamp is made of a mix of fiberglass and carbon thread, which acts both as an ornament and supporting structure. With its slender outline and luminous body, Mite is lightweight and timeless. Foscarini’s advance LED capabilities create stronger light that is able to travel through the entire height of this tall lamp.

For more info, visit http://www.foscarini.com/en/